The safety of all the children and adults in their school environments within Evolve is our first priority. With this in place, we are then able to ensure that everybody is happy and thriving in their learning and play and that the outcomes achieved by all throughout their time in our schools is the best that each individual can achieve.

To be able to ensure that we do all we can to fulfil our promise to keep everyone safe, the board of trustees works with each academy to support them in policy and procedures aligned to safeguarding. Activities are conducted by governors at local level and at board level to ensure that high standards of safeguarding procedures are maintained throughout the trust. These activities are as follows:

  • An annual safeguarding audit in all schools
  • An audit of safeguarding qualifications amongst academy staff and governors
  • An annual review of safeguarding practices in line with KCSIE and updates in guidance for Safer Recruitment

Across the academies within our trust, the use of technology plays an increasing role in the education of our children, both in school and at home. In alignment with our policy for the safer use of technology, our children and parents are educated and advised as to how to keep themselves safe when online.


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