It is widely acknowledged within the education sector that governance is amongst the most crucial elements of the organisation when it comes to the fulfilling of a school’s aims and ambitions and providing the best opportunities for the children within its care. Couple this with the fact that the role is entirely voluntary and is reliant on intrinsic passion, motivation and drive of the people in question, to do the best for the children within the organisation, and the result is that schools face one of the greatest challenges in education at the current time; establishing governance that is highly effective and which supports an organisation to be the very best that it can be.

In a multi academy trust situation, there is governance at both trust level (trustees/directors) and at individual school/academy level, local. The relationship between the two is set out in the scheme of delegation for the trust and must be a complimentary one that operates as a partnership for the good of the children in the schools and the trust as a whole.

‘There is a considerable challenge is balancing the cultural change of becoming one organisation with one vision and ethos covering a number of schools, while at the same time allowing those schools to have their own character and Relationship with their community’

Governors at all levels within Evolve are committed to delivering on the above statement and to achieving a relationship between the trust and our academies that, in the end, supports the achievement of the best possible outcomes for all of our children 

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